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We helped Dehumidifier Hire Local enhance their online presence and save money in their advertising efforts. Specifically, we focused on Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns to achieve these goals.

Dehumidifier Hire Local

Challenge: Dehumidifier Hire Local, responsible for gas safety in the UK, initially ran PPC campaigns for brand awareness and converting users to check their gas engineer’s registration. However, these campaigns were not performing well, prompting a shift towards emphasizing brand awareness and gas safety.

Our Approach: To make the most of their limited advertising budget, we redirected funds from conversion-focused campaigns to brand awareness. Our task was to ensure both campaigns remained effective despite the reduced spending. For conversion campaigns, we streamlined their numerous campaigns to avoid inefficiencies and overspending. On the brand awareness side, we improved audience segmentation to better align with display network targeting options.

Buyer Contact:

+44 333 444 3214

Buyer Address:

Hampshire, West Sussex & Surrey

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Results: The outcomes were impressive, considering the changes made:

  1. Conversion Campaigns:

    • Spending decreased by 42%, but there was only a 4% reduction in conversions.
    • This led to a significant 40% reduction in the cost per conversion.
  2. Brand Awareness Campaigns:

    • Spending increased by 25%.
    • Impressions, however, rose by 125%, resulting in a 44% reduction in the cost per thousand impressions.


These results highlight the success of optimizing campaigns, achieving better outcomes with the same or even less overall spending.